Bliss for all !

Our vision is that of peaceful world. It is not the absence of war, but an actual peace, physical and spiritual one; a world in which men and women of rural communities live in healthy environment, a symbiotic perfection with the world of animals. In this world, the said communities develop ecologically, in accordance with a plan that is theirs. 

For PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, peace is the basis of development.   However, the backdrop of that peace is love, hence our motto: “love, peace, and development”. That peace transcend the absence of war to mean the absence of borders, favorable to migrations for a shared bliss all over the world, hence our slogan: “bliss for all”


The Earth, the planet on which we live, is subject to unyielding destruction! It is urgent to restore it! Therefore, the abovementioned development must be ecological, thus avoiding sapping that of future generations. It shall include environment, in its largest possible meaning, thus including the fauna and the flora, those of rural communities in particular.


For us, development should not be traced upon the model of the western world. It is rather an endogenous development of rural communities, calling for worldwide philanthropy. In these communities, shelters shall be ecologically erected; food must be ecological and abundant; water shall be potable; and of adequate quantity; and primary education shall be secured.