Bliss for all !

Our values are enshrined in peace and democracy for all the peoples, even indigenous ones. They include a minimum of health, education, food, and drinking water, qualitatively and quantitatively adequate. The backdrop of these core values is transparency. The said minimum shall be humanly acceptable for all, including those that live in the remotest parts of the world.   

The core values are the backdrop of our existence. They are the grounds of our existence; they tell you why our organization is created. First and foremost, we need peace and democracy, any sort kind of peace and democracy that includes the rights of minorities. Taking gender into account is a fundamental part of that democracy. 


A world in which food does exist in abundance for everybody is indispensable for the prevalence of peace. Potable and adequate water is also indispensable. A minimum education is vital for everybody, as well as a healthy and secured environment that favors migration and tourism. They are the grounds of our existence, our core values.


In liaising with partners to face challenges related to our vision, transparency is indispensable. Therefore, it is so core a value as others. It must be understood as a participatory management of our community projects and the integration of universally admitted rules in our programmatic, administrative, and accounting procedures.