Bliss for all !

Our mission is to help the voiceless and poorest peoples living in oblivion in the remotest rural areas of Togo and Africa. We achieve this by carrying out preliminary studies, after which diagnostic ones are conducted to highlight the primary needs of these peoples. Projects are duly worked out to include these needs, prior to fundraising, and implementation. 

In her endeavor to assist vulnerable communities, PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL carries out preliminary studies through community representatives to sort out the fundamental needs of vulnerable rural populations. It is also a matter of numbering vulnerable people living in these rural communities. 


Following preliminary studies, diagnostic ones are conducted to confirm or annul the former. They allow to collect the necessary information to work out community project. Along with diagnostic studies, vulnerable people, deprived children, sick and disabled people are registered.


At last, it is a matter of fundraising for community projects and vulnerable people. Donors, be they institutions, businesses, or individuals are called upon for the mobilization of the required resources for the implementation of community projects and the assistance to vulnerable people.