Bliss for all !

PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is an international organization created to assist destitute population of the remotest rural areas of Togo and Africa. Her fields of intervention includes basically health, education and environment. As a charitable organization, she has her vision, her core values, and her mission.   

Our vision is that of peaceful world. It is not the absence of war, but an actual peace, physical and spiritual one; a world in which men and women of rural communities live in healthy environment, a symbiotic perfection with the world of animals. In this world, the said communities develop ecologically, in accordance with a plan that is theirs.


Our values are enshrined in peace and democracy for all the peoples, even indigenous ones. They include a minimum of health, education, food, and drinking water, qualitatively and quantitatively adequate. The backdrop of these core values is transparency. The said minimum shall be humanly acceptable for all, including those that live in the remotest parts of the world.  


Our mission is to help the voiceless and poorest peoples living in oblivion in the remotest rural areas of Togo and Africa. We achieve this by carrying out preliminary studies, after which diagnostic ones are conducted to highlight the primary needs of these peoples. Projects are duly worked out to include these needs, prior to fundraising, and implementation.