Bliss for all !

Transparency is an essential and existential principle of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL and is an integral part of her identity. Better said, it is one of the core values of our organization. It relates to sharing understandable, comprehensive and pertinent information about our functioning, activities, results, objectives and strategies. PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL commits to actually inform in order to get and secure the confidence of her stakeholders. There are seven (7) pillars of transparency: the participative approach of the management of development project; the staff employment, procurement; accounting and finances; relationship between the Organization and the Government; relations with donors, both individuals and institutions; and the informational web site.  


The first pillar relates to the participative approach of the management of community projects. The project cycle within PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL includes five (05) succinct phases: programming; designing; fundraising; implementation (during which, there is monitoring); and evaluation. Stakeholders, at various degree, are associated to these five (05) phases of the project cycle! 


During the programming, the representatives carry out an exploratory and preliminary research of the problems and needs of the community. Prior to that research, the authorities of the community, the development leaders, as well as the community are informed about the action. They actually participate by answering questions during the survey, by filling forms and slips provided thereto. At last, memorandum of understanding is signed with the community, which seals its commitment with the community project.


After the programmatic action, project coordinators get into the community for a complete diagnosis prior to the designing of the project. That diagnosis includes surveying a sample of the community people; taking pictures and technical researches relating to the projects and needs of the community; discussions with stakeholders; registration of vulnerable people; and the finalization of conventional documents.     


Prior to fundraising, a bank account is opened for each project of the community and the leaders of the latter shall appoint two (02) signatories of the said community, in full compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding, for the said account so as to allow a transparent management of the ressources secured. Moreover, during the fundraising process, community leaders as well as their representatives shall confirm the action of the organization named PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL in their community.


During the implementation of the project, which include monitoring and evaluation, the participative approach is privileged. Furthermore, as per the commitments of the community, the latter shall contribute, essentially in kind. Basically, is about mobilizing community workforce and securing anything that the nature can provide for the implementation of the project of the community. At last, community and development leaders are privileged actors of the monitoring action and, later, of evaluation.        


The second pillar of transparency is that of the hiring of the staff of the organization.  PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit organization that strive to be international in her vision, mission, action, functioning and procedures. As such, she commits to abide by rules and procedures internationally approved in mobilizing and managing the human ressources of the organization. An overview of such rules and procedures is given in the sub-menu related to the hiring of the staff, with details in our manual of procedures.   


The third pillar relates to the mobilization of the businesses that shall carry out some activities of such community projects as erecting school buildings, water forages and other works exacting special technicality. It may also concern the implementation of a project requiring special competence that some lucrative businesses or organizations do have. In one way or the other, PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL does apply internationally acknowledged rules to allow for business competition, as the internet user may notice in the submenu “ procurement”, or again, in a more detailed way, in our manual of procedures. 


The fourth pillar of transparency relates to accounting and finances of the organization. We do distinguish two kinds of accounting: the accounting of the organization as an entity within which projects are implemented, and the accounting of the said project. That goes without say that finances are linked to the two kinds of accounting. Each project has a bank account that is separate from that of the organization and a separate accounting, community leaders have the privilege of proceeding to any checking within the accounting of the project of the community.   


Since there is no questioning the importance of accounting and finances, PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL has taken measures for a sound and transparent management. Such measures include creating the position of Treasurer within the Governing Body, setting up a specific organ, notably the auditorship, creating the department of accounting and finance within the organization, and the necessity to resort to external auditing after a project cycle comes to an end, and the fiscal year of the organization. A manual of procedures is drafted for transparency for accounting and financial management of the organization.     



The fifth pillar of transparency is about relationship between the organization named PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL and the Government. The latter always get from our organization the required documents: Constitution, Internal Rules and Regulations; Program of Future Actions; Mission Reports; annual reports of activities; etc. Moreover, since our organization is an entity that is devoted to the case of rural communities, she liaise with the Government in consideration of her indicative planning and the development goals set up for the country.         



The sixth pillar of transparency relates to donors, be they individuals or institutions. As donors you have the privilege of acceding any information relating to projects that you would like to fund or have already funded. You could require the provision of information relating to the designing, implementation or evaluation of a community project, including of course, accounting and finance information, for the project or the organization.      


The last pillar, the seventh, is informational and related to the web site of the organization. Indeed the said site is the backdrop of the informational policy of the organization. All the information relating to the aforementioned pillars are in most cases available on the website of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL. Furthermore, any person may make suggestions, allowing us to be more transparent as possible in the management of community projects, or even, of the organization.       


At last we would like to be as transparent as is humanly possible! As an individual or organization, member or not, you may make practical proposal for the betterment of our policy of transparency