Bliss for all !

Do you need internship?! Here you are! You are humbly requested to go through the available positions. Make sure that you have made a meticulous self-evaluation and that you are eligible before sending your application. Thanks!

As a necessary period of training that is mandatory for the acquisition of professional competence after the academic one, internship is offered to nationals as well as internationals, without any discrimination, any time that they can work in one of the languages of the organization, French and English. In general, the minimal required level of education is the bachelor degree, the master degree being demanded for some positions. Internship may also be awarded to secure the said degrees.        


Internship may also be awarded following a call for applications launched by the organization, the latter having then to specify the related position, the demanded minimum conditions, and the procedure for recruitment. Where the internship is requested by the student, the latter shall simply fill in the form provided for and motivate his/her application. In general, the trainee shall undergo a test prior to his/her acceptance. It might be internship within the organization, or in a community project that is subject to implementation.


Any internship awarded within the organization is subject to agreement, which includes the most important clauses of the said internship. Where the internship is awarded within the organization, its minimal duration is six (6) months, the maximal one being twelve (12) months. Where the internship is awarded within the project of the organization, the duration of the internship varies according to the necessities of the project and the time set for its implementation, as well the needs of the intern, the latter having, sometimes, to get further training prior to internship.    


In general, there is no compensation for internship. Where a further training, unyieldingly practical, is given to the intern prior to the internship, thus resulting to the resort of a third party to meet that demand, the intern shall be able to afford the costs of the training. As for interns coming from abroad, they have, not only to justify their rights to sojourn in the country, but also to meet the costs related to these rights, in addition to the fees for training that might be demanded.          


At last, before applying for internship, you must make sure that you read fully the terms of references, if the internship is offered by our organization; went through a rigorous self-evaluation; fulfil satisfactorily the criteria and conditions of eligibility; went through the internship form fully, jotting down the essential point to be mentioned later, and download any document that you should be worked out and submitted later.