Bliss for all !

We do need expertise! We thank for being interested in our organization! Hoping that you fulfill the minimal conditions of a position, you are humbly requested to submit your application. Thanks!  

The expertise, in the jargon of our organization, must be understood in terms of unquestionable professional competences that an individual would like to make available to our organization in full support of her actions. The expertise is occasionally requested for the capacity building of the staff of the organization. It is mainly about high-level practical trainings given by seasoned experts that have given evidence of their expertise on the international scale, which trainings can be given in French or English.

In general, the request of expertise comes from our organization that specifies in the terms of references, within the context of a call for application, her needs. A minimum of a master’s degree level is requested from experts, with a backing of a professional background secured in charitable international organizations. In the recruitment process, the analysis of the Curriculum Vitae and the interview are preferred against a written test, the expert having to give evidence of his knowledge when carrying out his/her mission.  

As employment and internship, the expertise is subject to agreement duly drafted and signed by the expert and the organization prior to the carrying out of his/her mission and after his /her filling in of a form provided for on our website. It is mainly about limited time contracts for which, in most cases, no labor-admitted compensation is awarded to the expert, the latter being considered as a volunteer assisting the organization in the attainment of her goals.