Bliss for all !

The jobs proposed here down are those that are presently available in our organization. We thank for being interested in the latter! Hoping that you fulfill the minimal conditions of a position, you are humbly requested to submit your application. Thanks!   

Considered as a request made to an individual asking him/her to provide some services, under the subordination of a supervisor, for the benefit of the organization, in return for compensation, a job is awarded to any person without any discrimination. The preferred language is the official language of the host country, French or English, the knowledge of the other language being an advantage. In general, the minimal education level is mentioned, without it being mandatory.


Contrary to internship, a job is necessarily published by our organization, the latter launching a call for applications, specifying the related position, the demanded minimal conditions, as well as the procedure for recruitment. In general, where the level of education is mentioned, it is only indicative, and the applicant might actually have a low level of education and be able to acquit his/her mission, duties and responsibilities that will be his/hers. He / she then have to apply, specifying it and getting ready to take a special test of aptitude.      


Jobs are subject to contracts that are duly drafted and signed prior to starting. In general, the jobs offered in our organization are governed by unlimited time contracts, whereas those secured within the context of community projects are governed by limited time contracts. The integration period corresponds to that capacity building allowing the employee, not only to know better the organization, but also to master the ins and outs of his/her position.   


Though the organization would like to give compensations that are comparable to those observed in other international organization, she can only award compensation in accordance with financial resources mobilized. More often than not, compensation is subject to a compromise between the employee and the organization, the said compromise taking into account the level of education of the employee, his/her working background and past remunerations, as well as the monetary availability of the organization.   


At last, following a job offered by our organization, please go through the terms of references and analyze them heedfully to make sure that you reasonably meet the minimal criteria and conditions of eligibility. While going through the entire employment form, please, jot down the most important points to fill in later, and download any document that you must fill in pertinently and upload later.