Bliss for all !

Owing to the charitable status of our organization, the obligation to endeavor in transparency, the indispensability to work in rural communities where living conditions are of insistent difficulty, the necessity to serve better, and the importance attached to human resources, the hiring of her staff is subject to exceptional consideration with various aspects to review, one of which is thought as procedures.
The latter, within the context of hiring, are up to those internationally acknowledged with a particular aspect due to the necessity of a positive and feminist discrimination: description of the needs; specification of qualification and competence for the position to award; the publishing of the recruitment with reference to our website; registration of applications via our website; selection based on the résumés; written test and/or interviews; and the integration of the new employee.
Diversity is a fundamental principle of our entity. Aiming to act on the international scale, this principle apply to hiring and induce the necessity to call for international candidates provided they can reside and work in Togo, or in any other country where our organization is established, and work with the use of at least one of the official languages of the organization, French and English. Thus, any world citizen, without any racial or religious discrimination, or any other nature, may be subject to recruitment.
Since the creation of our organization, the latter has engaged into the path of diversification, taking into account the actuality of her functioning. Actually, more than fifteen ethnic groups are represented within the staff of
PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL owing to the ethnolinguistic diversity of the communities to be assisted, social, linguistic and cultural integration being the rule during the diagnosis of projects. Diversity within our organization complies with professional equality between men and women and the prevention of any kind of discrimination.
Be it true that one of the core principles of hiring is nondiscrimination, it must be admitted that the latter is subject to some relaxation, at least for some positions, particularly that of project coordination. Actually, the necessity to integrate into rural communities, the privileged clients of our organization, induces the obligation to have a good knowledge of the languages of the said communities, the corollary of which is the predilection for individuals having a good knowledge of languages and dialects of any country where our organization is settled. However, this does not lead to the rejection of applications for internship as project coordinators

Diversity extends also to the categorization of employment within the organization. There are three categories: interns, employees, and experts. Interns, are generally recruited internationally with the aim of valuing their competence and know-how prior to securing degrees or perfection. Employees do have employment contracts duly signed by the management of the organization for a full time work over a limited time or not. As for experts, they come with their competence and know-how in specific fields in order to back the organization punctually in her endeavor to achieve her goals.


There is a need to highlight anything that is related to remuneration of the people that are recruited within the organization. Whatever the category of the recruited people, an agreement must be signed. The said agreement specifies the obligations of the person recruited as well as their rights, the latter naturally including the issue of compensation. In general, traineeship and expertise are not subject to remuneration, the trainee having, sometimes, to pay prior to acceptance.    


In carrying out their duties, the staff of PHILANTHRIPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is guided by a set of basic directing lines that are intrinsic to the organization. This includes accountability, confidence, transparency, exemplarity, lucidity, courage, and pugnacity. These guidelines and the way to decline them have been described as early as her creation in the code of conduct that is subject to permanent update in full consideration of the development of the organization and the environment in which she carries her activities.
PHILANTHRIPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is a stronghold pillar in the fields of education, health, and environment. She carries out her activities in Togo, with a vision of the internationalization of her actions, with respect to enforcement of all kinds of legal norms in the fields of labor. She offers about fifteen different jobs, each of which being as exciting as the other. Professional tracks are various, as many in the technical as in management; and the career plan, as actual as flexible, is endowed with a social elevator that always lifts up anyone that gets into.