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PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is a Non-Governmental Organization endeavoring for the benefit of rural poor peoples. In her actions, she is much transparent as possible. Therefore, she does put at the disposal of the public in general, and the stakeholders in particular, information relating to her management and development actions in various documents drafted thereof. We have essentially three kinds of documents: constitutive documents; reports of activities; and financial reports. 



The constitutive documents are the following: Constitution; Internal Rules and Regulations; Minutes of the Constitutive General Assembly; the Registration Certificate; and the Code of Conduct. The first two documents are drafted in consideration of canvas and directives given by the country where the organization is headquartered. As for the Code of Conduct, it includes essentially the principles and rules, the backdrop of the core values of the organization, that must be abided by actors within PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL.



Following the example of constitutive documents, reports of activities are drafted in conformity with indicative canvas supplied by the Governmental entity in charge of planning. They give a good account of our activities over the period of reference which is the year. Thus, the internet user will find the reports of the following years: 2014, 2015, and 2016.   


Financial reports give a good account of our figures in the field of finances. It is worthy of note that the said reports are worked out as simply as possible by our finance officers. For the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, no probative accounting have been kept; thus the financial reports have been drafted on the basis figures summarily recapped and the valorization of some contributions in kind.      


Though the internet user may have almost all the information on the web site, we deemed it useful to draft these specific documents to give more details on some points. These documents are available in PDF versions in this sub-menu of our website. We do encourage our readers to go through the said documents and tell us their critics and suggestions for betterment.