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The staff of our organization is a melting pot of competences, the coordination of which allows us to achieve efficiently our goals. As a general rule, the minimal acceptable education level to work in our organization is the bachelor degree in social or managerial sciences. Without willing to worship the degree, we do value the personal genius as well as vocational training an individual might have gone through after she or he has left the high school. The said competences are clustered into departments within our organization.


The first department the numerical superiority of which is undoubted is that of program. It is made up of about twenty-five project coordinators divided into groups of five (5) coordinators per region. There is a chief-coordinator to lead each group with the help of an assistant. For this department, it is a matter of diagnosing the communities for their needs prior to the designing of social projects. Moreover, the said department is in charge of monitoring and evaluation of the said projects.   


The second department is that of translation. It consists of three (03) translators and interpreters in charge of translation of the most important documents of the organization into English, particularly those of projects, and interpretation. The said staff is also in charge of the translation of the incoming documentation written in English. The said department is the cornerstone of the organization in the field of linguistics, as well as the lever of fundraising.     


The department of accounting and finances is in charge of all the financial transactions of the organization. In view of the necessity of a transparent management, there is one bank account that is open for each project, inducing the management of a variety of projects accounts. Moreover, our organization carries out commercial activities, notably the planning of tours and the sale of works of art on line, exacting the keeping of commercial books in addition to social accounting. Thus, the said department is run by a financial manager assisted by two bookkeepers      


Another department, not less important, is that of human ressources. With a staff verging on forty, recruitments carried out periodically for the management of some community projects, the increasing number of community representatives, the promotion of voluntary internship, or even the running of the organization, the said department consists of a Human Ressources Manager and an Assistant.  


The management of procurement is entrusted to a specific department. It is worthy of reminding that the project drafted by the department of Programs are subject to implementation through contracting with local businesses, which are appointed following a call for a bid, thus justifying the existence of the related department. The latter consists of a Procurement Manager, coupled with an Assistant.  


At last, it is important to highlight the presence of other staff members such as the Executive Secretary, the Fundraising Manager and the Logistics Manager that play a tremendous role of liaison among the different departments under the supervision of the Chief Executive Manager. A PDF document highlighting the chart of our charitable entity can be downloaded at will is available for the internet user for illustration.