Bliss for all !

Would you mind going through the latest publications relating to calls for bids in the field of works. Thanks!  

In the context of the implementation of community projects (erecting school buildings, health unit, water forage, etc) the budget of which are high, Philanthropic Project International does occasionally call for bids for works, where the circumstances or the procurement procedures, in due consideration of general pre-bidding call, demand it. 


The businesses in the fields of building and construction and water forage, whether they have previously uploaded their documentation on our website in the context of general pre-bidding calls or not, are invited to take part in the procurement process. So, they are called upon to fill in the bidding form for works, uploading the required documentation.   


At last, taking into account the nature of the bid, its complexity, or the demands of donors, the criteria of selection may vary from one bid to another, without as much deviating from the internationally admitted norms in the fields of procurement. In general, Philanthropic Project International, opts for a selection based upon the quality and the price of the bid.