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Would you mind going through the latest publications relating to calls for bids in the field of supplies and services. Thanks!  

When it comes to the acquisition of fixed assets (vehicles, computers, generators, etc.) or the provision of certain services (cleaning the premises and vehicles, internet, etc.) any time that the estimated amounts of the said fixed assets or services exceed the thresholds specified in the manual of procedures, the resort to procurement is mandatory. 


Therefore, the businesses that can supply the fixed assets or services requested by our organization are called upon, even where they have previously uploaded their documentations on our website, to bid in the field of supplies and services. In due consideration of the terms of references for bids, they must fill in the related form.


In general, as compared to the bids for works and those of intellectual services, bids for supplies and services do not show any particular complexity. Therefore, for these bids, our organization opts for the lowest financial bid after securing the required quality, with respect to procedures in force in the field.