Bliss for all !

Would you mind going through the latest publications relating to calls for small bids. Thanks!  

As general pre-bid calls, small bids include works, proposals, and supplies and services. Such is the case any time that the thresholds set by procurement procedures are not reached in these three fields owing to the low amounts of some goods and services requested by our organization.


Although all the businesses can submit their application for small bids, it is worthy of reminding that a positive discrimination shall be subject to unyielding enforcement in order to favor small businesses in awarding contracts, particularly those of women, young, or disabled people.  


It must be reminded that, though the above-mentioned discrimination is enforced for their benefit, they are not exempt from the formalization of the entity of theirs that produce goods and services, which formalization is requested by our organization prior to any negotiation in the context of small bids calls, the related deal cannot be put into question.