Bliss for all !

To get data bank of the businesses that can be subject to short listing, we occasionally call for pre-bids. The following announcements correspond to the last ones we published. We do encourage you to send us the documents of your businesses. Thanks!

Philanthropic Project International is resolutely committed to transparency, at any level of her management, including obviously procurement, which includes among other, general pre-bidding calls. It is a procurement procedure allowing to establish a database of businesses, companies, firms that can be resorted to in the context of consultations after short-listing or where the circumstances do not allow to resort to open bidding.     


General pre-bidding calls allow any business or organization that is interested to upload her documentation on our website to participate in a likely open call for bids when the time comes. The term ‘general’ is used to mean that no field of procurement is occulted, be it works, services, or supplies. Moreover, they allow small businesses to get positioned for small bids.     


Without giving full details about general pre-bidding calls, details that will be highlighted in the manual of procedures of the organization, let us get content with some guidelines. All over the year, businesses and companies are requested to upload their documents on our website. Any time that Philanthropic Project  International would like to request goods and/or services, she will go through her database to select businesses with which she will get into consultation.