Bliss for all !

Would you mind going through the latest publications relating to calls for proposals in the field of intellect-related services. Thanks!  

In order to get onerous and intellect-demanding services, Philanthropic Project International has to resort to calls for proposals. Such is the case of diagnostic studies and the working out of operation tools, assistance to the execution of a mission or project, technical auditing of construction works.  


In the context of calls for proposal for intellectual services, businesses, firms in particular, that can provide the services fully detailed in the terms of references are requested to be part of procurement process. Therefore, they are requested to fill the form about calls for proposals relating to intellectual services by uploading the documentation requested by our officers.


The selection criteria of bids for intellectual services, as those of bids for works, may vary depending on the nature of services to be provided, their complexity, and the demands of financial partners. In abiding by the internationally admitted norms for this kind of bid, our organization opts for a combination of quality and price.