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PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is a non governmental organization that assist communities in designing their development projects, mobilizing resources and implementing the said projects mainly in the fields of health, education, and environment. In many cases, the project worked out and drafted require the erecting of such infrastructures as small health centers, school buildings, water forages, etc.
The erection of these infrastructures requires enormous funding that shall be managed with great care, not only to achieve our goal of erecting the said infrastructures, but also to ensure the donors of the better management of the granted funds in order to mobilize more. Thus the resort to procurement is unavoidable when selecting businesses that must erect the said infrastructures, with a backdrop of transparency, one of the core values of the organization.  
Be it true that construction businesses are those that are subject to more solicitation by
PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL owing to the projects that shall be implemented, it is not less true that our organization call upon other businesses that can supply furniture and intellectual services. Whatever may be the kind of bid, the principles of transparency, equity and equality shall be observed in order to guarantee economy, efficiency and performance.
Procedures relative to procurement within our organization are similar to those of other internationally acknowledged organizations, with comparing bidding thresholds. It is worthy of note that sometimes, the said thresholds are set down with a positive discrimination that favors small and medium-sized local businesses in order to ensure, not a general equity, but a social one, a pledge for a responsible and harmonious development.
Procurement procedures as applied within our organization lay a particular emphasis upon transparency, not as a principle of the said procedures, but rather as a core value of our organization. That is the reason why the said procedures are subject to advanced digitization with integration to the website of our organization, thus allowing stakeholders, particularly donors, to monitor our dealings on a daily basis and call upon us in case of need.   
It is worthy of highlighting that the bilingual feature, French and English, of our website has granted us the privilege of the internationalization of procurement, inferring the participation of foreign businesses. Nonetheless, the aforementioned thresholds allow us to conduct the competing procedures at local level, thus permitting only the local businesses to get into the process, and in so doing, using the official language of the country, the corollary being the publication of the synthetic documents of the process in the other language.
At last, it is worthy of stating that the procurement procedures fall into three sections in consideration of the environment, circumstances; thresholds that have been specified by the leading organs of the organization; and the necessity of application of internationally acknowledged standards: direct contracting; pre-bidding; and direct bidding. The last two procedures have falling under consideration on other pages of our website.