Bliss for all !

It is obvious that as a charitable organization, we can never endeavor alone and hope to materialize our vision of a better world, owing to the number, diversity and complexity of needs and problems of the communities that we have committed to assist. So must we collaborate with other organizations or entities in order to have much more information, ressources, competence and expertize. These organizations or entities, commonly referred to as “partners” are of great importance to PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL




For the latter, the word “ Partner ” means an organization or entity, of the charitable world or not, which, while being self-governed, accepts to work hand in hand for the achievement of common goals that fall within the framework of the betterment of the living conditions of people that dwell in rural communities and that are pray to poverty and destitution. The partnership with our organization falls within the collective gathering of informative, technical, human, time and/or financial resources for the achievement of common goals that are related to our respective missions, for which we have an interest, a motivation, a commitment, a responsibility, and even an obligation. 




The partner of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL falls within the cradle of the vision, mission and shared values that are backed by principles and rules. Our vision is that of a world in which all the peoples, wherever they exist on this earth, live in a peaceful and sound environment with a minimum reasonably acceptable of health, food, water and education. The missions of our organization are about bettering the living conditions of rural, poor and marginalized populations of the remotest areas of the planet, particularly in Africa. Basically, three fields are subject to consideration: health, education and environment. As for our values, they are fundamentally those of peace, responsibility and transparency.        




For an efficient partnership, a minimum of principles and rules must be shared. These directive principles of partnership are those of equity, transparency and mutual profit. For PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, equity means having the same right and access to the negotiation table, as well as the validation of all the contributions, including those that cannot be measured simply in financial terms. Transparency within our organization has been dealt thoroughly in the submenu “transparency” of the menu “Who we are”. With our partners, it is a matter of being as straightforward, honest and rightful as possible in our relations. As for mutual profits, they include specific advantages in addition to advantages accruing to all partners, a pledge to the sustainability of partnership.                                                                                                                                                             




In other words, within the framework of partnership, PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is guided by the following principles: common objectives molded in the same vision with mutual advantages; autonomy and equality within partnership and around the negotiation table; definition and specification of responsibilities, roles and contributions of each partner; necessity, capacity and obligation for each partner to make observations about the quality of the relation of partnership with conviviality and transparency; no unjustified advantage awarded to any particular partner. Furthermore, it is worthy of note that partnership is actually meaningful only when it is guided by action in order to produce tangible, concrete, measurable and sustainable results for the benefit of populations.      




Previously, we have mentioned the phrase « rules », which calls for precisions. It is about formalizing the partnership adventure. As a prospective partner, you should first review our partnership prerequisites, and should you think to be eligible, you could then fill in a form provided for the purpose. Should we confirm your eligibility, then we shall send you a draft of our partnership agreement. Negotiations about some points shall take place, which shall allow to reach a compromise about the “rules” of partnership, which rules are part of the partnership agreement that shall be signed.        



At last, technology of information and communication having turned the world into a global village, our organization having a vision of internationalization of her philanthropic actions, that goes without say that partners are requested from any place of our planet. However, the prerequisites and rules of partnership are not the same for all entities. The latter fall within three categories: institutions, businesses and individuals.