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The auditors are individuals invested with the task of checking the integrity and the regularity of accounting entries. The accounts kept by the Treasurer are subject to annual checking by the auditors that must submit written reports relating to the checking operations to the General Assembly on ordinary sessions. 



Pursuant to section 34 of the Constitution, the auditors, two (2) of them, are elected for a two-year mandate that is renewable, only once. The election of the said auditors is governed by section 14 of the constitution. If, for one reason or another, the requirements of section 34 cannot be met, the Governing body has the right to appoint two (02) individuals for the said Auditorship. These individuals shall carry out the mission devoted to them until the requirements are met.



While carrying out their duties, the auditors give proof of honesty and integrity. They are authorized to attend any session of the Governing Body of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL as observers. They can however criticize constructively when dealing with issues of accounting and finances. 


With the mandate to check the regularity and exactitude of the information given about the accounts of the organization, the auditor can and may carry out any control deemed opportune and unexpected, at any time, and draft a report in which he shall make the General Assembly aware of the observations she / he made. It is mandatory for an auditor to carry out at least one (1) control every three months. 


Pursuant to section 34 of the Constitution, the Auditorship is the organ in charge of checking the sincerity and regularity of accounting entries, balance sheet and statement of accounts. The auditor is charged with controlling finances and assets related to any activity of the Governing Body and the Executive Board. 


As the Governors of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL do, the auditors endeavor in uttermost unconditional altruism and volunteering. However, any expenses paid when carrying out their duties as administrators are paid back upon the submission of vouchers and the financial reports submitted during the General Assembly sessions, be they ordinary or extraordinary, shall mention them.


Moreover, it is worth specifying that the Audithorship does not substitute the Accounting and finance services. It does not substitute the external auditing service. For better transparency of the management of the funding granted to the organizations, they must ensure a regular checking prior to the work of external auditors.   


At last, it is worthy of specifying that prior to the setting of internal auditing, the Audithorship carries out this role, especially in the field of finance. After the setting up of the internal auditing unit, owing to the importance of the activities of the organization, the Auditorship shall complete his role while acting as the privileged speaker to the General Assembly and the Governing Body.

As yet, there is no appointed auditor for our organization. If you have a very good knowledge of accounting and management of charitable organizations, in the field of control, in particular, you would be welcome in holding the position. Please, get into contact with the hierarchy of the organization.

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