Bliss for all !

The General Assembly of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL is the supreme authority of the organization. It is composed of all the members (founders, active members, honorary members and sympathizers) of the latter. The resolutions of the General Assembly, within the powers conferred upon it by the Civil Code of Togo and this Constitution, are binding upon all the members, including they who are absent.


The General Assembly meets once a year and any time that the interest of the organization is at stake. The terms of convening, procedures and conditions of vote are specified in the Internal Rules and Regulations. The duties and responsibilities of the General Assembly of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL are the following: decide upon the strategic guidelines of the organization; elect or appoint the representatives of the organs of the organization; appraise narrative and financial reports of the previous year; decide upon the action plan and the budget of the forthcoming year; and assess, amend and adopt the Constitution and the Internal Rules and Regulations.


The members of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL fall within one of the following categories: founders; active members; honorary members; and sympathizers. Are founders, members who have created the organization, have attended the Constitutive General Assembly and are signatories of its Constitution. Active members get themselves fully involved in the life of the organization and do endeavor to achieve its objectives. Are honorary members, those who distinguished themselves either by their services or by their exceptional actions for the benefit of the organization. They are elected by the General Assembly upon the proposal of the Governing Body. Sympathizers are individuals or legal entities that, without being full members of the organization, commit to assist it financially, materially, morally and/or technically in the achievement of its objectives.  


Are eligible to membership of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL any individual that is eighteen years old at least, enjoying his/her civic and moral rights irrespective of race, sex, religion, or political conviction and that does accept the provisions of its Constitution. Membership to PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is free and voluntary to any person that adheres to its objectives. Membership is subject to the filling of a form provided for that purpose and registering with PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL.   


Any individual may lose membership upon the following: resignation, removal, exclusion, or death. Resignation is subject to the submission of a letter to the President of the organization. Removal or exclusion is subsequent to a serious offence or an objectionable deed or deemed so by the Governing Body or the General Assembly. However, the individual concerned shall be given the opportunity to defend his deed. The loss of membership of PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, irrespective of the reasons, rules out any claims of reimbursement of any previous fees or contributions. However, this does not preclude the obligation to pay back any debts previously incurred towards the organization.