Bliss for all !

What are the social projects and challenges of destitute and marginalized rural communities? How can we justify the said social and community projects, both on individual scale and on collective one?! What difficulties do the vulnerable people, deprived children, sick people, disabled people, each of them in their abodes, go through?  To such questions, this menu gives answers, while giving us the opportunity to read other stories as well as visualize the videos of community projects.


The story of the community depicts succinctly a poor and vulnerable rural community in her living conditions, highlighting the projects that have been worked out there. Are also highlighted are the challenges of the latter. Challenges are other major problems of the community that have not been worked out into development projects. Such problems are or might be found in the development plan of the community.  Challenges are made up of pictures, and synthetic and illustrative writings of the said problems.   


The stories of deprived children relate to the facts and circumstances in which the said children found themselves within the plight of vulnerability, as well as their daily difficulties. As stories of deprived children those of sick people are illustrative of the suffering of individual toiling under special diseases: hernia, fistula, harelips, goiters, etc. It is urgent to assist these people by giving them, not only money, but also materials that can alleviate their suffering.  


More often than not, the disabled people are subject to marginalization, and even denigration. How did they become disabled? What suffering do they go through? How do they endeavor to make both ends meet? What are their business projects about? The stories of disabled people give us answers, while requesting us to fund their business projects so that they could fend for themselves and be joyful and happy again.


In general, the development project as shown on our web site depicts the overall picture and plight with figures while keeping behind the scenes the individual approach that might reveal the actual suffering endured by a given individual of the community in which the project is under consideration. The story of the project is written to bridge the gap by bringing detailed information about the daily existence and difficulties endured by individuals living in the community of the project.  




As our motto “bliss for all” goes, it is important for everybody to have fun. Therefore we have the privilege to read facts of our communities. We hope that they are comic, funny, and even pathetic. We seize the opportunity to invite other citizens of the world to share facts and stories of their knowledge with us, facts and stories that can entertain us. From New Delhi to Lomé via New York, all unwonted and ridiculous facts are welcome, provided their comic or pathetic strip is not occulted.


At last, the videos of the projects allow us to visualize the actualities of community projects in a different way, that of the visual, the song and the movement, thus correcting a little the deficiencies of pictures and stories for a better understanding of suffering within rural communities. They are part of the various presentations of community projects. They are clustered in this sub-menu for more visibility. Be watchful, some videos can be much shocking!