Bliss for all !


Our organization has resolutely committed to transparency, as has been much detailed in the menu “who we are”. The management of our organization include anything that can concur to guarantee that transparency! Moreover, as a charitable organization, we do actually liaise with a great variety of stakeholders to whom we are accountable to secure that core value known as transparency. PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL does her utmost to manage in due consideration of international acknowledged standards  



To secure a good management, the team of the Executive Board has drafted a manual of procedures under the supervision of a taxation and accounting firm. The said manual includes programmatic, administrative, accounting and financial procedures, as well as charts, documents, forms and registers. It is worthy of specifying that the programmatic procedures includes the five-phase cycle of the community project; and the said cycle consists of programming, designing, fundraising, implementation and evaluation. 



The administrative procedures of our organization include essentially rules of administrative management as well as the related documents in the fields of human ressources, procurement, secretariat, translation and fundraising. Procedures and rules of human ressources management, as well as those of procurement with businesses has been explained briefly in this menu, allowing the applicants of the said fields to inquire about the said rules and procedures prior to expressing their interest.    



Combining other procedures, accounting and financial procedures have been drafted in due consideration of the necessity to safeguard our transparency label. The referred procedures distinguish clearly between the accounting of our organization as a charitable organization and those of community projects. PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL carry out subsidiarily such commercial activities as arts sales and tours to get funds for its daily operations and the funding of some community projects. So, does she distinguish the accounting of commercial activities from that of functioning, a bank account being allocated to each accounting.       



PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is an organization that is fundamentally charitable, endeavoring for the happiness of deprived and marginalized peoples, particularly in the fields of health, education and environment. She assists the marginalized communities in designing their social projects. Moreover, a part from community projects, she registers vulnerable people. The latter are divided into three categories: the deprived children, people suffering from special diseases, and the disabled.  




In the field of procedures and accounting, the rule for community project is the following: one bank account for each community project. For vulnerable people, there is a bank accounting opened for each category of vulnerable people. Furthermore, banking procedures provided for four signatories for each community project, two from the recipient community and two from our organization. As for vulnerable people accounts, four other signatures have been provided for: two from the representatives of the category of vulnerable people and two from our organization.          



Our organization is unyieldingly committed to be as transparent as is humanly possible. Thus, we have undertaken to air as we can our activities as well as our rules and procedures, and our management system, on the web so that as the citizen of the world, brother and sister, could help us in achieving our goals, and indirectly, make our mission a success. The latter means happiness, bliss for any citizen of the world, wherever it may exist on this earth. And, we shall humbly get your proposal for a good management of our organization.