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The individual falls within the third category of partners of our organization. Within the jargon of the latter, the word “Individual” stands for a human being that is endowed with personality and capacity, these words having the meanings as would be given by a lawyer.   



PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL does liaise with a myriad of individual partners. May be considered as individual partners the following categories: representatives, community leaders, and individual consultants.



A Community Representative is a native of a community, particularly a rural one, that commits to endeavor for the betterment of the living conditions of the said community via a social project which s/he initiates the designing, and possibly, participates in its implementation. The said community representative may dwell in the community or not. 



The Community Leader is a person living in a rural community and appointed by the latter to serve her politically or socially. Politically, it must be a local authority, in the circumstances the chief of the community or a person mandated by the latter to act on his/her behalf. Socially, it might be a member of the development committee of the community or a member that has been mandated to act as such.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



The Individual Consultant is a person that does have a good knowledge of one of our intervention fields, in the circumstances, health, education and environment, and who commits to liaise with PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL for the designing of a development project in order to better the living conditions of a community.



It is worthy of specifying the meaning of the word community to avoid misunderstanding. In our jargon, the term “community” in its strictest meaning, stands for the smallest territorial unit in some French-speaking countries, in the circumstances, the village. The said term is used in its widest meaning to stand for larger territorial units, notably, the canton or the prefecture.    



Whereas the individual consultant may dwell in any corner of the planet, the Community Representative must dwell in the country of the community; and the community leader in the community.