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For PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, the word “business” must be understood in terms of any entity that mobilizes factors of production, in the circumstances, people, materials and capital to produce goods and services meant to markets. The maximizing profit and capitalistic goals do fundamentally distinguish them from institutions.


It is worthy of specifying that mutuals and cooperatives owing to the redistribution of benefits to their members are assimilated to businesses. So are non-governmental organizations as they produce goods and services meant to market within the framework of profit maximization, which profit is used for activities as charitable organizations.  


PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL wishes to get into partnership with businesses within sectors that are related to her fields of intervention, particularly health, education and environment. Businesses specializing in finance, architecture, logistics, information technology and tourism fall under consideration.


Explicitly, it is about the following firms: topographical, architectural and control researches; buildings and forages construction; accounting, finance and auditing; logistics and transport of people and goods; travel, tourism, arts and craft, solar and renewable energies; information technology and web mastering; general and special medicine; specific surgery; etc.


PHILANTHROPIC PROJECT INTERNATIONAL is an organization that wishes to be international in her vision, mission, goals, actions and management. Therefore, partners are requested at local, national and international level. Moreover, it is worthy of specifying that the requested businesses shall give evidence of social responsibility, in the most rightful meaning of that phrase.