Bliss for all !



Thanks to your donations, underprivileged communities or vulnerable people will find again happiness of life, contributing to the achievement of the goals of our organization! Donations may also go to the latter. Materials, technicality, money, or any other donation is accepted and we shall endlessly thank you for your charitable deed.


Community needs are subject to projects that are duly worked out, which projects fall into four fundamental programs: health, education, environment, and diversity. The diversity program includes all the community projects that cannot be classified within the three other programs. For your donation, you may choose one of our priority projects or filter. Thanks!


In rural communities, the majority of children live in extreme precariousness. So, they do request donation in kind from you. Therefore, you could give them note-books, books, clothes, food, etc. You could also send them the goods that have been listed down here. We would do our utmost to serve the children that mostly need them. We do thank you for your kindness! 


We do thank you for wishing to donate money to save the child whose photo is shown above. Although you could give whatever amount you choose, we exhort you to give a minimal amount that varies according to his/her age, his/her level of education, and his/her health. The said amount is requested to ensure him / her a vital minimum of school supplies, clothing, and food over a period of one year. Should you want to sponsor the child, please get in touch with us. Thanks! 


Rural populations may not have access to basic healthcare. They need medicines that can help them recover from such minor diseases as cough, malaria, stomachache, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, they do request medicines that can cure these diseases. You could also send them the medicines, if any, that have been listed down here. We would do our utmost to serve the most vulnerable rural population! We do thank you for your assistance!