Bliss for all !

This menu gives you detailed information relating to various ways of assisting our organization with philanthropic actions. Be it true that you can fund directly our projects, possibilities of funding indirectly our projects through solidarity transactions remain equally true.   


If you want to fund our projects directly, you have the possibility to go back to menu “programs” and choose a development project that is of particular interest to you and donate. Another possibility must be thought as choosing the sub-menu “donations” that allows you make donations to the organization or community projects.


The indirect funding must be thought in terms of possible solidarity transactions. It is mainly about planning tours and the donation of art items on line. By paying for a tour, or an art item, the payment shall be transferred to a social project or a vulnerable person, subject to the cost of the acquisition of the goods or the service.   


Furthermore, it is worthy of reminding of the possibility to make donations to the organization to back her philanthropic actions. We, thus, remind you that it is not just a matter of monetary transactions. You have the possibility of sending us cameras, motorbikes, cars, computers, machines, etc. Actually, we do need these tools to serve vulnerable communities all the better.  


At last, we do encourage donors to register for tours so as to come and see for themselves what have been done with their donations. They may also seize the opportunity to work within the context of the implementation of social projects.