Bliss for all !

Please, read about the latest call for community projects. We are looking forward to reading your projects. Thanks!


To assist rural communities better, one of the priorities of our organization consist of designing social projects, which are subject to digitalization prior to fundraising. Rural communities being so numerous, inducing an enormous demand, we had to find a way of reaching, not only other communities, but also some projects that are as useful, necessary, and indispensable for their survival, hence the resort to calls for projects. 


The latter are therefore launched occasionally to gather community projects that are mandatory for the survival of communities, which can even ignore the necessity, and even the unavoidability of the said project. Such is the case of environment projects. Furthermore, calls for projects may be related to specific communities, particularly those that marginalized, and are therefore much vulnerable. Communities living next to the frontiers fall into that category.


Moreover, be it true that rural community projects may as well be initiated by partners, institutions or individuals, as specified in the menu relating to partners, it cannot be less true that these projects may only be about issues highlighted by peoples of the communities and dealing with daily living, discarding dangerously some long-run vital issues, hence the necessity to provide for the latter by calling for targeted projects.